Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Beatbox Kitchen

Time: Dinner
Location: Varies, but we got ours from Northcote

To help kickstart our food blog, a dear friend of ours, Teeny Weeny, brought home 6 burgers from the famous Beatbox Kitchen (food truck) for us to try. And what a better way to start our blog but with a delicious, juicy burger straight from a truck (excuse the pun).

 6x Raph Burgers ($11.00)
3x Shoestring fries ($5.00) with annie's home made relish & stereo sauce

Moö: Considering we chowed down these burgers at 8.30pm at night, after a feast of homemade sushi burgers, I would say these succulent, juicy patties are a must try. The beef patty was cooked medium well, topped with savoury cheese, fresh tomatoes and lettuce. Personally, it was a struggle to get it down after dinner, but it was well worth it. I would rate these higher than the ones at Huxtaburger. The fries are to die for, and this meal is definitely one that I will remember for a while.

Truck: After the 1st bite, the first thing I thought was "wow where did the salt come from?" But after a few chomps, the bun was so soft & fluffy that the amount of saltiness (mainly from the stereo sauce) didn't seem to matter anymore. Just be sure to have a litre or two of water handy afterwards to counteract the salt......

The burger was BIG (or maybe it was the patty?), but if I had to put the size in perspective with other well known burgers, the mathematical equation would be: Huxtaburger < Beatbox Kitchen < Andrew's Hamburgers. Moo has summed up the contents of the burger, and I felt that the beef patty was the main feature in this burger - so juicy and succulent. I wish they put the home made relish somewhere in the burger there too, it would have been a fab addition to balance the mayo. No problems - I just added it myself with the take home sauce that came with the fries.

Now, with the fries .. they were good and honestly, who can have a burger without any fries? But I have to admit, Maccas does it for better value and same taste.

To conclude, these burgers tasted good and are worth a try if you're in the area. You pay a price for the burgers but in return, you get a delicious, thick beef patty coupled with fresh ingredients in a fluffy bun.  For having them more than half an hour after they were made, they sure did make a good first impression.

Post by Moo & Truck

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