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Huff Bagelry

Time: Lunch (1pm)
Location: 112 Koornang Rd,

It has been awhile since our last post and I have eaten at so many places so I solemnly swear that this post will be the start of a string of blog posts about food.

Last weekend, I met up with a good friend Hulk for lunch. Having never eaten bagels before in our lives, we were curious to try out Huff Bagelry. We have had a couple of friends who came back from America exclaiming that the bagels there are amazing, and although we aren't in America, we wanted to get onto the bagel hype here in Melbourne.

Huff Bagelry is a small, quaint cafe along a row of shops in Carnegie. We were both a bit confused when we first stepped into the cafe, as there people sitting down on the side waiting. Waiting for what? We initially thought these people were waiting for a table, but low and behold, they were just waiting for their take-away order. After realising this, we made our own way to a free table and had a look at the menu.

The menu (although slightly out of focus)

Everyone's orders getting prepared

This cafe seems to be quite popular with the locals, as during our lunch, we saw a lot of people just walk in and out. I did not get a chance to take a photo of the layout of the cafe which is a shame because Huff Bagelry is set up with quite large spaces in between the tables - as opposed to other brunch spots which try to squeeze in as many patrons as possible so that you are uncomfortably sitting next to someone's handbag or unintentionally listening in on the next table's conversation.

This spacious layout was definitely a thumbs up for me

 Tuna melt - open toasted bagel topped with tuna & cheese, served with relish ($9.00)

Hulk ordered this, predominately for the extra protein. We both had a bite and wow, there was a lot of cheese. The cheese almost overpowers the entire bagel but thank goodness we had the relish to balance  the flavours. I cannot even remember what type of bagel he chose - I think the cheese was so overpowering that it masked the flavour of the bagel itself.

#1 - smoked salmon, cream cheese & capers ($8.00)

I got the smoked salmon, cream cheese & capers on a poppyseed bagel. IT WAS DELICIOUS, a perfect combination of flavours. I have never been a fan of capers myself but the capers in this bagel added that extra saltiness and 'oomph' to the bagel. The poppyseed bagel itself was fresh, straight out of the oven and was a delightful change to a plain bagel. 

I have heard that the good bagels run out quick here but luckily when we arrived, we still had the full options available to us. 

 Hot chocolate

A wonderful way to wash down our bagels. Who can go wrong with hot chocolate? P.S if anyone was wondering, the water here is self-serve.. I did not realise this until I watched a little girl serve herself some water from a bench. Props to the little girl for teaching me something I didn't know :)

Overall, our experience here was lovely. Huff Bagelry is one of those cafes where you can sit for hours on end, enjoy your meal and chat away. Not once were we ushered to leave so we stayed here for a good 2+ hours.  It was a great place to catch up with an old friend as the cafe is not cramped or too noisy. That being said, with the perfect ambience, delicious bagels, friendly staff and abundance of cushions on the couches (they are sooo comfy), this place has left a good first impression and I will be back! Just make sure you don't come too late or else all the good bagels will be gone!

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